ivyandthebutterfly Butterfly.
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Each morning, as the butterflies emerge, Ivy picks up her net and runs out to the field.  She chases and squeals and if really lucky, ever-so-carefully picks them up.  She calls them her friends.  She had never caught one mid air.  We’ve always had to wait until they land. But today, she did.  We gathered round and with the butterfly down on the ground, covered in net, we peered together..She giggled, I applauded her wonderful butterfly catching skills.  I reminded her to be gentle while she reached out.

And then do you know what? Right there, right in front of our eyes, that butterfly disappeared.  We stared, Ivy moved the net around a little, we stared some more, and said in unison “where did it go?”  There was nowhere for it to go.   No holes in the net.  No nothing on the ground for it to hide under.  It didn’t fly away.  It. was. just. gone.

I thought about this all afternoon. It made no sense.  I sat, wondering how on Earth this butterfly was there.  I saw it.  And a moment later, not.  What did I miss?  A hole in the ground?  A blink where she flew away?  Clearly, I missed something.    And then I remembered.

A clear day, we marveled, we swooned, we felt so lucky to have her and then..just like that, she was gone.  Right in front of our eyes, she was no more.   It’s not so impossible to believe.  We’ve been here before.


(and for you, something I love:)

Butterfly – Lenny Kravitz