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Hosting your own Ava’s Tea Party

While the original concept for Ava’s Tea Party began simply as two best friends planning something very pretty, it’s since become so much more. From the simple to the elaborate, there have been so many beautiful ideas shared over the last three years but however you choose to celebrate is the best way.   If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a variety of ways you can participate in Ava’s Tea Party.  Thank you to Party For A Cause for putting together this list of ideas!

take time with your FAMILY:
Plan a full top-to-bottom tea party (with or without the fuss). Enlist the help of your children in decorating and baking, plan out cupcake flavors and choose the location together. A lot of the fun is just planning the details and I know my own children ask for weeks before hand what we’ll be doing for Ava’s Tea Party. If you’re a details person and event planning makes you happy, this is the perfect opportunity to stock up on pretties and pull out the recipes (or call the caterer).

For those who break out in hives at the thought of the above, there’s always plan B. It doesn’t matter if baking isn’t your thing (it’s possibly not mine :p)..take a stroll to the corner store together to pick up some little treats or take ten minutes to make fairy bread at home. Get the children to color in paper chains and dust off the patio table. Remember, more than anything, it’s about the time together.

take time with your NEIGHBORS:
Ava’s Tea Party is about community. Perhaps this could be an opportunity to knock on your neighbors door and invite them over for a cuppa? What about a street party or bbq? Get the neighborhood children together to make their own lemonade stand and donate proceeds to their favorite cause.

take time in your WORKPLACE:
In my endless list of wishes for Ava is one surrounding the simple idea of work. I don’t know what she wanted to be when she grew up but whatever it was, she didn’t get the chance. As much as I wish for more birthdays for her, I wish for the chance to have formed a career. So, those of you who work..amidst the mundane and the demands, I just ask that you give thanks. Irrespective of the stresses and strains that come with work, it is still a gift to be able to do just that. So many people cannot – through accident, illness, lack of education or opportunity. See if the boss will chip in for morning tea or have everyone bring their favorite something and turn a regular day at the office into something special.

take time with your MOTHER’S GROUP:
If everyone brings a plate, it’s such an easy way to add something fancy to your regular meet-up. Or perhaps each make a donation – half for catering and half for your favorite charity. Wear pink and take five minutes to chat about the amazing things motherhood brings, alongside the trials.

take time at SCHOOL:
Could your school participate in a cupcake fundraiser? What about approaching a local bakery and asking for donations to support Ava’s Tea Party? If not a business, what about asking Mums to bake and donate? Of course we’d love to raise funds for Paradise Kids but you might also have something worth raising funds for. Ask the student committee to get on board, see if you can add something special to the tuck shop/canteen menu for August and share Ava’s Tea Party in your monthly newsletter so that the whole school community can participate.

take time at a DAYCARE CENTRE:
In 2010, Ivy’s kinder held a “Fairytale Day” in honor of Ava’s Tea Party. The children came in dress-up and they read fairytales and turned a regular day into something very magical. There are so many simple ways to mark Ava’s Tea Party and children just love the chance to plan something special. “If you want your children to be brilliant tell them fairy tales. If you want your children to be very brilliant, tell them even more fairy tales” – Albert Einstein.

take time at FAMILY DAYCARE:
How about making the 22nd “Sparkle Day”? Make crowns and learn a new song (here’s Ava’s favorite). Maybe your carer can bake some cupcakes with the kids and they can all share them together?

take time with your FRIENDS:
It was wanting to celebrate friendship that started the idea of Ava’s Tea Party. The idea of pausing to say “Wow, I’m so lucky to have you”. This August, stop and say thanks to those who know us best and love us anyway. What a great chance to all get dressed up in your favorite frocks, and maybe host a girl’s night in..or get together and bake some cupcakes, over a glass and a laugh. And why not some pink bubbles at an adult only get together? Ava’s Tea Party can just be Ava’s Party, if you so wish : )

take time with our ELDERS:
For those who have an elderly family member, why not pop by and visit them? What about time with an older neighbor? I like to imagine a lonely elderly person receiving an invitation to your little event..it might just make their year. In researching ideas, I learned that the most depressed group in society are the 60+ as they are often isolated and alone. Given Ava and her “Grandan” were best friends, this struck such a chord with me. I just know she would be so delighted to imagine some of the older generation celebrating her special day too.

We’d love to see images of your tea party, if you’re happy to share. Please upload to the Ava’s Tea Party page at Facebook.

Keep up with Ava’s Tea Party via Facebook
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While our focus is simply to inspire simple time spent together for loved ones, we very much welcome the opportunity to fund raise where possible.  We are working on establishing Ava’s Foundation but in the mean time, we’re thrilled to support Paradise Kids as our chosen charity. As a community funded organization who helps families through grief and loss, Paradise Kids were our ‘firefly’ in the early days after losing Ava. A glimmer of light, and hope, that we would not only survive our worst nightmare but learn to find happiness again.  We’ve traveled far in our grief journey and Paradise Kids were instrumental in guiding us along the way. Thank you so much to everyone who helps us give back to this very worthwhile organization.. you are helping families facing some of their darkest days and we truly understand just how much that means.  Please note, we do not take donations directly – please contact Paradise Kids to arrange donation.

Thank you so much to the following businesses and organizations who are supporting Ava’s Tea Party in 2011.

Belle and Boo have so kindly donated the Ava’s Tea Party A4 print.
Babyology who kindly featured Ava’s Tea Party.
The designers involved in the creation of the Beauty Full Collection of invitations all donated their time and talent.
Details Details are the wonderful business behind “The BeautyFull Collection” of invitations and the Ava’s Tea Party Kit.
Party for A Cause who have donated their time, support and knowledge in helping raise awareness of Ava’s Tea Party.
The Lemony Cupcake
Little Party Paper People/Invite Me

With so many more wonderful ideas in the planning, we know this special event will only grow larger each year..as is our hearts greatest wish. If you have some ideas about how you’d like to be involved with Ava’s Tea Party, please don’t hesitate to send an email to sheye@avasteaparty.com. We would love to hear from you!  You’re also most welcome to join us at Facebook where you’ll find lots of beautiful tea parties shared from around the World.

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