In the Beginning..

Amongst the many things we didn’t get the chance to share with Ava was a tea party.  A proper, best frocks with socks and ribbons in hair tea party.  We planned it out, we talked it over.  We bought the china, and the socks and the dress.  It seems though, fate had other plans and we never got the opportunity.

In 2008, we approached Mandy from Belle and Boo about the idea of creating an illustration from how we’d imagined Ava’s Tea Party would have looked.  To turn our missing and wishing into something to have and to hold.  Mandy had already created a beautiful set of illustrations in Ava’s honor so we knew she’d create something wonderful.   And she did..

avas tea party illo1 Avas Tea Party

In 2009, we decided we would hold our tea party for Ava.  We would mark her birthday with cupcakes and spotty plates and time spent with those we loved.  A day to remember our beautiful girl but also a day to cherish all we still had.  I invited friends and family, along with the online community to do the same, in whatever way they wished, with the idea simply to appreciate.  So they did..and oh-so-beautifully.   The concept was shared and and many, many parties were planned and the idea of an Annual Ava’s Tea Party was born.

We feel so blessed to have had such amazing support from friends and strangers the World over.   The encouragement we receive from organizations and businesses allows us to continue spreading the message behind Ava’s Tea Party far and wide.  As we prepare to celebrate Ava’s Tea Party in 2012 with so many more wonderful ideas in the planning, we know this special event will only grow larger each is our hearts greatest wish.

If you have some ideas about how you’d like to be involved with Ava’s Tea Party, please don’t hesitate to send an email to  We would love to hear from you!