Sherrie.  Shree.  Ree.
We met at high-school.  She was totally crazy and I was totally not.  We bonded one day because I was polite enough to listen to her boy-woes after she’d bored all her other friends to death.  (Oh wait, that pretty much sums up much of our lifetime of friendship, actually.) We left school, got jobs, lost jobs, moved to the Gold Coast, shared flats, laughs, hopes and secrets.   She was the friend you’d lose at parties, who’d say the very wrong thing to your boss and who stayed living the single girl life long after many of us were no longer single. When not traveling the World, she’d hang out at mine on weekends and as my babies arrived,  became their instant playmate while she gleefully put them up to all sorts of no good.  She’d watch in horror as I breast-fed and double over laughing at my post-baby jelly belly.  Great for a Friday wine, awful as a baby-sitter.. my much loved sister-friend, Sherrie.

sherriekids Good Things Come.
In her global travels, she fell in love with South America.  A little later, she fell in love with Mario.  And on Good Friday this year, against everything I might have predicted, Sherrie birthed and fell completely head over heels in love with baby Valentina.

sherrie valentina Good Things Come.

I may have struggled to imagine Sherrie as a mother but seeing her this week..relaxed, happy, adoring her precious girl..I now can’t imagine it being any other way.

valentina Good Things Come.

Valentina, darling child, you chose well.  I can’t wait to know you and  I can’t wait to put you up to all sorts of no good.   (Diga Momia que ha llamado venganza!)

Love, Sheye x